Tired of this situation? 

Confused and unclear of what actions to take? 

Feeling trapped in negative self talk?

Stuck in the same patterns again and again? 


Let go of your fears? 

Live the life you always wanted to?
Clarity & peace of mind?

Be happy & choose joy?

Are you looking to upgrade your life and live with more flow and ease

Than you are at the right place. I am a social worker and a mindset alignment coach. 

My approach is driven by different fields such as psychology, sociology, quantum physics, spirituality, yoga philosophy, self-development and my own life experiences.  

What is mindset alignment coaching?


Mindset Alignment Coaching is a professional individual coaching that is based on the belief that the solution to all of our problems starts with shifting our mindset and perception of the so called issue. In the coaching sessions we look at what gets you out of alignment and how to get back on track. We look at any unsatisfying topic in your current life situation and together find ways for you to make the necessary adjustments to create what you want. Mindset Alignment Coaching is offered into different programs based on what topic is a priority to you. I offer online skype or in person coaching 

The process of mindset alignment coaching










Why Choose Joy Coaching?

I believe we create our reality. We are responsible for what we attract in our life. We attract what we believe we deserve. Most of us have been conditioned to believe we don't deserve to be happy or we must suffer a lot before we can attain a long lasting happiness. By growing up we take on all sorts of stories and reasons why we are not worthy of living the life we aspire to. We all have different stories depending on the context and culture we grew up in. What we do all have in common is that at the end of the day we all want to be happy. We all have different images of what that might look like and we all use various paths to try to get us there. Collectively we pretty much all start this journey of seeking happiness outside of ourselves. We try to control outside conditions & circumstances to our advantage. Yet we all realize sooner or later that this conditional way of living only makes us feel more dependent and powerless over our reality. See, we all crave to feel ALIVE, VIBRANT AND JOYFUL and this is a good thing because we all deserve this. My Coaching is called choose joy because I believe feeling joy is a choice. A choice we make daily with what we choose to focus on. And guess what, like a plant grows with the water it is given, we get to direct or focus on what we want to see grow in our life. 

What do you want to be coached for?


Mental wellbeing

Stress managment


Changing a habit

Time managment


Physical wellbeing 



Eating disorder 



Emotional wellbeing




Balance work/

Release pain


Social wellbeing



Love relationship


Skyline Urban

Environmental wellbeing

Living situation





Career & work wellbeing





La méditation de la mer

Spiritual wellbeing 






"It was indeed a pleasure to meet such a wonderful and young person like Maya. She is so affectionate ,very energetic and yet very professional in the way she engages with the person. As a coach, she helped me uncover latent personal qualities and to explore my emotional intelligence to provide me a new perspective in my professional life. The way she illustrates you with all the dynamics within your ecosystem is really commendable as an approach as much as it helps the person to better figure out himself and herself. Maya does engage in empathetic communion and this is really what I like with her. Looking forward to see her again. Thank you Maya!"

-Roshan, Mauritius Island, 11 october 2019

Maya Morgan
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Bachelor's degree in social work. International certified coach (ICF).  

Started my journey studying Psychology at University in California & Switzerland. Plans changed and I started studying social work which allowed me to spend 3 months in Panama interning in a holistic addiction rehab treatment center and later spending 6 months living in Reunion Island writing my thesis on how spirituality can be a resource to raise above addictions. I have been fascinated by understanding how one can live a fulfilling & joyful life. My passion for growth has pushed me away from my comfort zone in ways I couldn't have thought possible. Apart from my studies, I have personally been implementing yoga, meditation and spiritual rituals to my life. These and many more have been my great source in dark times and saved me from a lot of unnecessary pain and helped me overcome many obstacles. 

Where there is light...

“To fly away from problems may seem the easiest solution. But you gain strength only when you wrestle with a strong opponent. One who doesn’t have difficulties is one who doesn’t grow.” 

                                                                                                                                 Paramahansa Yogananda

                                    Where There is Light: Insight and Inspiration for Meeting Life’s Challenges

As you embark on this new journey ahead know that you will be guided each step of the way. It is my dominant intention to help you realize that you already hold the most important person that will guide you. That person being YOU.  


Emotional Freedom techniques
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