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Insight package 

Individual session 

How does it work? 

Note: It usually takes more then one session to create longterm change but never under estimate that one good insight at the right time can create big changes. 


  • Based on what is preoccupying you and what you need more clarity on 

  • I will guide you through some questions and tools to figure out what is triggering your insatisfaction in this situation and we will find ways to adjust your mindset


  • Anybody who is stuck in a situation, conflict, problem and needs to take some distance to find the solution 

  • If you are tired of this situation or problem which is draining your energy and you want to move forward

  • For you if you are ready to see this situation with a new perspective, if you are ready for a change 


  • 30 minutes of setting the context: getting to know you and the topic and situation you want to explore

  • Setting the intention and goal for the session 

  • 30 minutes of exploring together the topic using some of my mindset alignment tools to help you gain clarity 

  • 30 minutes of creating your own action plan to implement the insights and new understandings

Book a session 

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions. I will be happy to give you more information and make sure you find the right coaching formula. 

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