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My story


"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek" Joseph Campbell

Truth talk 

"It took me 7 years of self-exploration before I became who I am now. My hardest struggles have been my best teachers"

Time for an honest talk my friends. I am not here to fool you into believing I have it all figured out. Because I would be fooling myself. Truth is I will never have it all figured out because this life will always stay a mystery. But there are things I have come to learn and know to be true for myself and if my experiences can benefit others and can help you save some time struggling, I would have done my part, as sharing and connecting dots together on this life journey is what I believe we are here to do. I would not be where I am if it wasn't for other humans that have shared  their understandings, discoveries, and guidance. 



If you met me, you would probably see me having no problem going to a stranger and starting a random conversation, or going off on some unknown adventure, I would probably appear to be confident and optimistic. You might think that I am naive or unrealistic and that I probably haven't lived hard times and that would explain my positivity or that I have always been that way. Well, I used to look up to these kind of confident women and wish to become like them. I use to think that they were just born like that. I have come to believe that we all come into this world with great confidence yet as we grow up, we little by little start doubting our natural light and worthiness.

Raising and shining on


After that year living in the US, followed some roller coaster years. In short, I came back with the desire of becoming a psychotherapist. Studied psychology for a year and a half until I couldn’t continue due to an exam I didn’t pass. So, I decided to enroll into a social work school. As you needed a 5 month internship experience prior to enroll, I started working in a holistic alcohol addiction rehab centre in Panama, Central America. During that time, I learned amazing valuable lessons and continued my inner search for happiness. After two months, I felt a calling to face my fears by traveling. And that is how I embarked on a self-discovery journey through backpacking by myself for three months in South America with the intention of going where I feared to go. Of facing my fears and using my intuition to guide me. That experience helped me grow immensely and explore a new way of living. Living not from fear and mind but from trust and intuition. After 9 months abroad, I came back and enrolled into a life coaching school. I also completed my social work bachelor degree. During my studies, another amazing opportunity of living out of Switzerland came knocking at my door. I lived 6 months in Reunion Island, writing my bachelor thesis on the impact of spirituality on addictions.

Waking up in a 10 days silent meditation retreat in Portugal 

It is during a 10 days silent meditation retreat that I really felt deeply what freedom means. It is one thing to understand concepts in theory and it is something different to actually live it, feel it and truly know it. At 25, I sat silently meditating for about 8 hours a day in the middle of Portuguese mountains. Away from my whole life, I learned to sit through thoughts, emotions and surrender to my inner being connection with the whole.  

SO WHO AM I? "I am a spirit having a human experience" -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

I am passionate about helping this world become a better place and I want to empower people to become their best version and be able to live from a place of love and trust. Choose Joy is about choosing to live a joyful life. Choosing Joy over fear. Realizing we can make that choice at any given time. It is our human freedom. My biggest personal challenges have been the most enriching experiences from which I learned so many valuable life lessons. I am a student of life, open to learning everyday. 

On a bigger picture, my purpose is to participate in elevating our world consciousness. My main focus is on creating new ways of understanding how to handle our emotions in a positive way in order to prevent all the negative consequence that derives from unresolved pain. I truly believe that we are born good but learn to become fearful human beings. This is why I love helping people to learn how to listen to their guiding GPS system. 

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